Really I soulmate is the face or eyes, such as mole of position are similar?

Is the presence to complement their souls, is the human soul mate, such as felt and should not be without. Or feel somewhere nostalgia encounters a soul mate, a story that falls into a strange sense of such or settled down for some reason and being together is often heard. If there are such a person, please next try to check the characteristics of the body.


because, because it is often soul mate that resembles the characteristics of fine body. If there is a common point on the characteristics of this pickup to the body, it is that person is likely to be a soul mate. If sensuously nicely come Some people feel, there may be a common point of their own and surprising body.


such part
be a soul mate long as similar, for example, is a soul mate is called resemble good parts, such as the following.


? face


For example, there is a place which is similar to a part of, eye shape, nose and feel of the mouth, also, such as the backbone, there are many that are quite similar when comparing the part only. Because it not that the face is similar to the whole, is hard to understand at first glance, but if you check the fine part, there may be a portion that is surprisingly similar with their own.


? hands and feet of the shape is similar


This is also a small part of the body, but it seems there is also that you are very similar in the form of hands and feet. Not only the overall shape, but the case also found that just like up to the finger and shape of the nails, and palm reading. If there is when you can check the hands and feet, please by all means try compared to their own.


? mole and is the location


strange story of bruises, but if you have a mole or birthmark you or there or about the same is the position, or the position of the symmetry (symmetric). This is also said to be for soul mate each other mutually confirm its presence, it will made a clear mark.
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Other features D_ ? Hair is similar, also include that the hair quality is similar. It seems also, such as hair color and hardness, in the case of curly hair you may habit that resembles.


be this person? And is
soul mate Let's check if you feel, because what each other are attracted naturally from the time we met, you might be already aware of the other party that it is soul mate at that time. In addition, if there is a feature in a part similar to that of his own this time that was introduced as a body, they would believe a soul mate is even stronger.
feature of
body, will be the point to check that the person is a soul mate relatively easily. If there are people who have become the people and the air-fuel are dating now, if you find a place that is similar to their own, it is recommended that you go take care to nurture the relationship with that person.